About Lisa

Lisa Arturo is a dog expert, animal activist, dog trainer, rescue warrior and pet match-maker. Her passion to make a difference in the lives of the voiceless is unstoppable.

Lisa grew up in Clifton, NJ and soon moved to Manhattan, where she pursued a career in dance and acting. She lived a glamorous life as a showgirl, traveling around the world with various dance companies. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 24 years old to pursue her acting career and has appeared in many TV shows, films and commercials.

Lisa has always loved animals and grew up with pets in her family home. It wasn’t until she started volunteering at city and county shelters 12 years ago that she realized the devastating truth about how animals are treated in America. Volunteering at city shelters was by far the best hands-on training for teaching her how to work with dogs in less than desirable conditions. These dogs were scared, shut down, stressed, hopeless, and some were physically sick and in pain. Working with dogs in this harsh environment taught Lisa how to really understand their needs and behaviors. She became a fierce mamma bear to these dogs, and began networking them, working with them, bathing them, and building their confidence, so they could be adopted. She refused to let them be misunderstood, labeled aggressive when they are just frightened, or worse yet, euthanized. Lisa remains on the bottle-feeding program at the shelter and brings home un-weaned puppies with many nights getting little sleep, bottle feeding every four hours and working around the clock to keep them alive.

In 2010 Lisa rescued the love of her life, Olive Pit, a Pitbull/Boxer mix from the South L.A. animal shelter.  Olive is obedient and very well trained. In fact, Olive often helps Lisa with the bottle babies she fosters. Olive wakes Lisa up for their 3:00 am feedings, and jumps right in when it is time to clean the tiny pups. She is an excellent surrogate mother, and an ambassador of the breed. Lisa is a huge advocate for pit bulls, and works tirelessly to change the unfortunate negative stigma attached to this breed.

In 2012 Lisa met Eldad Hagar, CEO of Hope for Paws. Lisa joined him on many of his street rescues, where she learned the hands-on skills of how to effectively and safely rescue animals living on the streets. In that same year Lisa became a member of the Hope For Paws team. She has been Eldad’s assistant and right-hand for the past five years. Lisa feels that the greatest reward and advantage of being a key component in Hope For Paws, is being given the opportunity to rescue abandoned animals, get them the medical care or the training that they desperately need, and finally see them transformed into happy and healthy dogs that are adopted into wonderful forever homes. Being part of their transformation makes it all worth it for her.

“Everyone loves a happy ending and to watch each dog we rescue get a happy ending is euphoric. Honestly there is no better feeling.” She tells anyone who asks her about the hardships and sacrifices involved in animal rescue.

Lisa has jumped in sewers and rivers, crawled under houses and climbed through junkyards. She has slept in her car, stayed up all night, and has driven countless hours to find a stray dog lost in the night, hungry and afraid, and she would do it all over again to save a life. Her dedication and passion for helping animals in need and educating others is her life’s purpose.

Lisa’s goal is to teach, educate and spread compassion. As a TV personality and animal expert, Lisa wants to help families with their personal pets. Whether it is behavior modification, introducing a new pet into the family, how to budget the expense and medical care of a new pet, Lisa will be able to advise owners. She will lend her expertise as to what to feed them, how to choose the right pet for your family and what to expect when walking into a shelter or rescue group to adopt a pet.

Going into a shelter can be an emotional and difficult experience for many people. Lisa’s hopes to bring the shelters into your living room to help make the experience a positive one, whether it’s through social media or a network show. The animals at the shelter ARE NOT broken, they just need a second chance, and she’s going to show you how you, too can save a life from your local shelter, and have a lifelong best friend.

Lisa has become a much-needed voice for the dogs, and with her exceptional skills, knowledge and years of in the field experience she hopes to reach people world-wide through, TV, social media, publications and public speaking.

Lisa has studied at the School of Dog Psychology and trained with Jennifer Gray, at Sunny Day Acres-dog training program. She is certified in animal CPR.